Gardening Services

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Gardening ServicesA well-kept, clean home is only complemented by a nice garden and a manicured lawn. In order to give our customers complete service coverage we have included gardening as part of our highly comprehensive service list. Our gardening service is true value for money and covers a wide range of general or specific gardening tasks. The gardening service is performed by specially trained garden technicians with plenty of relevant experience and excellent practical skills.

The gardening crews are very efficient and will go about each job with professional pace and expertise. The technicians are trained in the safe and efficient use and application of different manual or power garden tools and equipment in order to give you professional standard results, with no risk of damage or injury, and within the shortest time possible.

Our gardening service covers different garden maintenance tasks like weeding, pruning and trimming of bushes, flowering plants, small trees etc. Also, our lawn experts will be able to perform a range of different lawn care and maintenance tasks without the usual high costs associated with this service. Some of the things we can do for your lawn include mowing, trimming of edges, planting, basic repair and more.

If you have a specific issue concerning your lawn, please discuss it with our consultants and we will do our best to resolve the situation for you. When it comes to tree maintenance and caring for the trees growing on your property it is important to perform the checkups regularly and properly. Our tree experts will be able to determine if your trees are growing healthy and strong.

A rotting or sick tree growing unnoticed may become a serious danger for people in the vicinity so take the guess work out of it and let our experts see how your trees are doing. The gardening service is available as standalone or in combination with another of our services for extra value for money. Bookings are can be made for any day of the week, including public holidays at no extra charge. Free service quotes are also available.